ww # 26

Discolored: To become a different, less attractive color.

The art teacher gave the student a zero because his drawing was discolored.

Forensic: Pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and debate.

The law was forensic to the school rule.

Marvel:  something that causes wonder; admiration

The World of Lights gave marvel to the family at Disneyland.

Shambles: any scene, place, or thing in disorder

The movie theaters was in shambles because the popcorn was overflowing.

Gambit: any maneuver by which one seeks to gain an advantage.

The Pokemon player had to gambit their way through victory.


Journal #49

Yes technology makes our lives easier. we don’t have to send letters by mail anymore. We can use emails to send letters. TECHNOLOGY IS AWESOME.

ww #24

PRODIGY: A person, esp. a young one, endowed with exceptional abilities; Beethoven has a musical prodigy.

CONCEIVABLE: Capable of being imagined or grasped mentally; for our homework, we had to write an conceivable story.

DETONATES: explode or cause to explode; He was thrown in jail because he detonates the bomb.

Smoldering: burn slowly with smoke but no flame; look at that wooden box smoldering.

ABSTRACT: Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence; I do not like abstract art.

ww#23 late

REVOLTING – Rise in Rebellion; did you see that crowd revolting?!

PHLEGM – emotionless; some people are phlegm.

VALIANT – Brave; did you see the valiant person?

CAREENING – Lean; that guy likes to careen on people.

GULLIBLE – easy to believe; Reshel is very gullible.

ww #22

Vandal: a person who vandalizes/destroys something; the boy thought he was a vandal by drawing on the walls.

Devours: to swallow or eat hungrily; the giant devoured the helpless, pitiful campers.

Mayhem: rowdy disorder; the robbery attack caused a mayhem for everyone in the neighborhood.

Carnage: slaughter or a great number of people or dead bodies; There was a carnage on the street during the zombie apocalypse.

Suppress: to put an end to an activity; they have to suppress, since they have no chance of winning that video game.


SENTIENT – Able to perceive or feel things; Humans are sentiment.

POROUS – Not retentive or secure; The porous safety gear was bad so he fell and died.

GEYSERS – A jet or stream of liquid; He saw geysers.

DISMEMBER – Cut off the limbs of (a person or animal); I did not like it when people dismember the puppy.

GLISTENING – Shine; glitter; Edward Cullen was glistening in the sun.